Monthly Archives: January 2014

Exploring the ‘Hacker Trips’ idea


Over the past few months, I have been driving across the country from one hackerspace to the next riding the wave of creativity surging from the Maker Movement. So far my journey has taken me into 9 states, 14 cities, and 17 hacker hubs. My goal is to document the emerging trends that are surfacing around the idea of a hackerspace.

Classes are being taught, businesses are created, locks are being picked, and it is all happening in these community-oriented workspaces. Interwoven between all these locations is the potential for expansive peer learning and knowledge sharing. Connecting these spaces across the world will increase the collaboration of the talented individuals that are working there. Taking ‘Hacker Trips’ will help to view the movements as they occur.

Below are a few photos taken at some of the hackerspaces that I have visited during this extended trip.

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