Automated Solar Tracking Blinds for the Home Area Network


[Nick Zibin] has created a way to track the sun and adjust the blinds depending on light is coming from. His project uses an Arduino Uno, Adafruit motor shield, headers, a digital luminosity sensor, Stepper motor with planetary gear box, a power supply, some 3D printed gear, and a variety of tools. Wiring together the Arduino and Digital Lumonisty Sensor and the motor is relatively straightforward. Latitude, longitude, altitude, and the angle of the window are all used in the code to automatically move the blinds in relation to the sun. [Nick] provides all the instruction details and code sample online.

Uses of this technology have a large potential to reduce energy consumption since it will block out or allow light to come inside a building. Cooling and heating a home becomes a less complicated task once this is installed. Now slap an open-source thermostat on that Home Area Network and watch the savings roll in!!

Project Details:

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