Mini Keg Mp3 Player


It’s been a long weekend of drinking. The house where a St. Patty’s day party was held is filled with empty beer cans and cluttered pizza boxes.  Among the trash is a mini Heineken keg that a college student brought over. After searching through the Intructable’s website for something to turn the stainless steel container into, a project by [gilgonza3] was found. The idea is to transform an empty keg into a music player that can be used for the next festivities.

After drinking all the beer, preparations to the keg are made by drilling several holes on the face. This allows the pressure to seep out. Cutting the top off will give enough room to put a car speaker in. Luckily there are pick-your-part car lots all across the country where one can locate the parts needed. Nuts, bolts, and screws can be purchased at a local hardware store. Once put together, this MP3 player can be used just about anywhere.

Instructables for this Project:

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