Experiencing a 5.1 earthquake at a California hackerspace


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Woke up on a couch yet again; this time it was at a house on a top a mountain looking over the Los Angeles skyline. The fridge was cleaned out empty with only condiments lining the inner sliding door. Hunger sets in as lettuce and various herbs were freshly picked from the balcony garden to make a sandwich.  Energy is floating through the atmosphere just waiting to be captured.

With gas being pumped into the 20 gallon tank of my Toyota camry, awareness that the oil reserves of this world are running out seeps into my consciousness. I push passed the thought and jump into the vehicle on my way to find out if power can be cleanly generated instead of being monitored. A schematic of an adapted Tesla device lays in a transparent folder in my hand’s grasp ready for a local team to help build it.

The 1st stop in search of power is Mag Laboratory in Pomona, CA. There is a music festival happening at the warehouse so there will be more people than normal hanging out. One of the co-founders is there setting up the audio equipment. Individuals are scattered about talking about how inspirational this place is. I drop the 35 page document on a coffee table and continue talking to new friends. The bands are ready to go. As music begins playing, a 5.1 earthquake shakes the ground beneath us. Car alarms start going off echoing their noise through the warehouse complex. A major shift in placement has just occurred.

After making sure no one was hurt, the music progresses and the fire spinning begins. Kevlar monkey fist poi sets are sprayed with lighter fluid and engulfed with flame. Butterfly techniques and associated wraps attract the attention of nearby members. Fireworks are lit shooting sparks of light into the sky as energy moves into the hackerspace. No one knows what will come next.

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