Learn How to Scrap Metal and Circuitboards at Warehouses & Hackerspaces



When there is nothing left to lose, the whole world is to gain. With the United States scrapping trend fueling a lot of China’s manufacturing, people are beginning to look for ways to cash in on this movement. If all the money in a bank account has been drawn out leaving just a few bucks to survive off of, selling bits of metal can keep things going essentially turning the experience into a chance to make something out of nothing.

So to start things off, research must be done to find where the materials that are valuable are. Looking around mills and factories will lead to dumpsters that contain pounds and pounds of metal. Steel, brass, copper, and aluminum are the most popular. If luck is on your side, you might be able to locate ingots of metal lying around. Grab as much heavy stuff as you can. Don’t be afraid to jump inside. Just watch out for sharp edges. Your hands will no doubtedly get dirty. Wearing gloves is a nice precaution and bringing a backpack to gather more materials per visit is useful as well.


After accumulating various alloys, travel to a nearby hackerspace. Go to the back entrance and check the trash yet again. This time look for motherboards and circuits. There might be metal scraps and printers hidden around if you search carefully. Take everything you can, but don’t break into the space itself. Although the appeal to steal all the technology inside is big, leaving those tools there will produce something much greater over time. Someone will develop something revolutionary with those resources. No need to hinder that from happening.


Once all the materials are in hand, go over to the closest scrap metal yard and sell them what you have.   Each place will pay different amount per pound. Some will only take metal, others take cardboard. The materials will then be packaged together in large trash cubes and shipped to China. The payout isn’t very much, but it can buy enough food for a day if done right.



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