Give me 3 hours and I’ll Give You Tools to Start a Makerspace



Let’s face it. Work cannot be accomplished if you don’t have the right tools. Resources are needed to build prototypes. That is just how it is.

To help solve the problem of accessing the right tools, makerspaces and hackerspaces have been popping up across the world. They are providing enough resources to those interesting in building. Maybe you have already been to one. Perhaps you are even interested in starting your own, but don’t know quite where to begin.

Well never fear, I am here. To assist with your journey into the world of creating a makerspace from the foundation up, I have documented ways to get things rolling. First off, you will need to accumulate as many tools as you can. A good place to look for cheap working power drills, saws, and wrenches is to travel to a local flea market. There will be tons of options to choose from. Focus in on the areas where a large variety of tools can be found. Most likely the people selling them are receiving a discount for buying in bulk, which you can use to your advantage to talk the price down.


After buying what you need, starting searching for other items that could be useful in your upcoming makerspace. This can include cell phones, laptops, sewing machines, chargers, and even generators. Having portable power is great when setting up a mobile makerspace.


While you’re there, you mind as well pick up some fresh food and get several potted plants for the garden you might put outside your makerspace. This will keep the cost down for providing nutrients to the dozens of developers that will be hovering around your place at any given time. Get some clothes if the people involved are one the verge of becoming homeless. If you foresee security being an issue at your hackerspace, then grab some bullet proof vests from the guy that is selling camouflage materials.

There are so many resources that can be found at flea markets. You just got to know where to look.




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