Tech-in-motion shows off wearable technology in Los Angeles



Tiny gadgets are being embedded into the very fabric of our clothes and jewelry. Trinkets and wristbands and headsets and shoes have become intertwingled with technology that can measure steps taken, calories burned, and even hours slept to better our lifestyles. To get people excited about the upcoming trends in wearable devices, Tech-in-motion set up an event off Hollywood Blvd at a place called Ignited Spaces to discuss the technologies being developed.

As the night progressed, a collection of panelists was rounded up to answer questions from a moderator. Standard ideas were asked and each representative talked about what is happening in their field of wearable technology.

One of the most vocal leaders in this fashionable meetup was Syuzi Pakhchyan who is the ‘Accessory Lead’ for Misfit Wearables driving the design of the company. She is also a veteran blogger / author of ‘Fashioning Technology’ which is a research & development studio aimed at designing next generation wearable technologies. She even wore one of the Misfit ‘Shine’ activity monitors that was discreetly placed inside a pristine sliver locket. Her interests in the future include creating a fabrication studio that focuses on design and 3D printing.


Ron B. with Digi DNA was also a panelist and answered some hard hitting questions like ‘what are the wearable tech companies going to do with the data?’ and ‘what kind of privacy will an individual have when strapping on these high-tech monitoring devices?’

In the crowd was some heavy hitting players and upcoming industry leaders as well. Praveen Yalamanchi was present. Jay Zeffern was there as well looking to help out new startups with legal advice. Even an energy-intelligence pioneer was floating around the edges of the crowd soaking in the scene.

Overall, it was a good night filled with new technologies, interesting ideas, and cool little wearable devices.


Article written by @industrychanger



Misfit Wearables Website:

Fashioning Technology’s Blog:

Syuzi Pakhchyan’s Twitter:


Praveen Yalamanchi’s Linkedin:

Jay Zeffern’s Twitter:

Ignited Spaces:

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