Downtown Anaheim’s Art Crawl Experience (the wrap-up story)



It was sometime around Saturday afternoon, an hour outside of LA, when the artwork began to kick in.

Suddenly there was a driving roar all around the city when several food trucks showed up and a group of electronic producers started blasting old school gaming samples into the sunny sky. Without any warning, hundreds of unique individuals gathered at the heart of downtown looking for an art crawl experience like no other.

It all started on the corner of two busy streets where a popup arcade of extravagant gaming references was painted on the walls. Artists like Kasey Taraju, Annathalia Nalapraya, Sam Carter, Cliff Cramp, and Rask Opticon displayed their uniquely created works of art. Many characters bled into the room. They included people like Rincewind, the failed student at the Unseen University of wizards who is often described by scholars as “the magical equivalent to the number zero.” Mario world personalities like Bowser, the princess, Yoshi, and the popular plumber also dropped in from the magical mushroom kingdom to make an appearance within the captivated crowd of onlookers. Even Sonic the Hedgehog zipped by with a spray paint can in hand shaking up the environment with a flash of speed.

sonicWith the art gallery buzzing, just down the road from it were tables and booths lined up on the street with all kinds of work ready for sale. Some artists used paint, others used ducktape. Some used stainless steel, while others chose leather. All kinds of materials were fashioned together intermingling the atoms to form amazingly profound works of art.

It was great. Fractals breathed through a canvas while the Mathematical Mind of a guy named David painted psychedelic outlines under color changing LED’s. Wood shavings hit the floor when a sculptor etched out tribal faces that sat on the ground.  Emotions of awe seeped into the minds of the observers when aliens and disturbing minions where drawn live in front of an attentive audience.


As groups of like-minded individuals danced and frolicked around happily enjoying the popup community that showed up for an evening of pure bliss, it all felt right. The music floated so well weaving in and out of the air while wanderers and explorers asked themselves what art meant to them.

There were two areas setup for different types of bands, and it was easy to float around soaking up the sounds. One place had traditional instruments played by groups of musicians, while the other had orchestration by a collection of DJ’s and producers called Space Circus. They sampled John Lennon and DJ Snake, asking questions about turning down for what and why musicians in Hamburg would take pills around the time when the Beatles were just figure out their unique sound. For you see, “they were all taking these pills to keep themselves awake, to work these incredible hours in this all-night place.” This quote and many others were thrown into the set in-between Atari and Nintendo bleeps and bloops and other gaming sounds giving the environment an experimental type of feel to it while Josh Spoon, DJ Craig Lamont, and Hiko played on stage.

spacecircusThere was even a guy by the name of Joe Koon who made ducktape wallets with various symbols and logos on them. AC/DC was purchased 1st, while a reporter checked out the Anonymous, Disney, Deadmau5, and Minecraft ones. As the press filed down the line taking photos, more booths were discovered. For instance, an eclectic duo of two people, Scott & Janell with Guaranteed Meat, were selling off cigarette cases and flasks with body parts on them. Food was also sold on the side. Pizza, soup, tacos, and French Crepes were the main meals bought from the mobile food trucks. For desert, one could get fudge, brittles, truffles, toffee, nougat, and caramel from The Kandy Jar booth run by a nice family (Beth, Kat & Randy).

The whole evening was exciting! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as lots of entertainment, food, music, and fun kept the people happy. Even fire spinners brought an extra sense of heat to the equation. It was definitely worth going, and a totally an event that should be checked out again soon in the future.

mathArticle written by @industrychanger



Downtown Anaheim Art Crawl Experience:

Mathematical Mind of David, the Fractal Artist:

Space Circus:

Guaranteed Meat (Art, Clothing and Accessories by Scott & Janell):

The Kandy Jar:

Moist Snail Poop (Ducktape Wallets by Joe Koon):

Additional Photos:



mario^^ ‘The Plumber’ – by Mike Vetron^^

zz^^ ‘Genesis Prado’ by – Sam Carter


wallets^^ wallets by Joe Koon ^^

mushroom^^ ‘Fear and Shrooming in the Mushroom Kingdom’ – by Rask Opticon





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I'm a virtual reality, wearables, and technology art journalist who focuses on emerging trends in the maker, hacker, and inventor cultures. I like to travel around from place to place researching what is being made.

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