Be on the lookout for Mobile Makerspaces. The DIY Community gets its wheels.


Technology makerspaces are places where like-minded individuals meet together to share ideas, use industrial tools, and learn new skills. They are found in warehouses, office buildings, home garages, and even caves. Located in between all these learning environments is an emerging trend of on-demand mobile classrooms and tech shops that bring the tools to you.

Already an online community called Mobile Makerspace has popped up to help document the open-source initiatives and projects that are happening along the roads. Events, blog posts, and a directory can all be gathered on their website.


Soon more trailers, vans, and buses will be retrofitted for the maker movement. LED’s are going to be installed. Heavy machines will be embedded into the frames of the vehicles and tons of batteries hooked up. The mobile makerspaces will be easy to see from blocks away. Music will follow. Food trucks will be nearby as well. Just keep your eyes and ears peeled for the phenomenon and be ready to jump in when you see it.


Article written by @industrychanger



Mobile Makerspace website:


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