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5 Futurama Episodes that Contain Virtual Reality Experiences


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Futurama was an amazing show that allowed the writers complete freedom to describe whatever they thought might be developed in the future, and one type of technology that the writers kept putting in were adaptations of virtual reality gear. Specifically, wearable devices called ‘Net Suits’ were consistently depicted in the show, as wires coming from the device fed into a computer allowing the users to explore the inside of the 3D modeled metaverse. This list dives into the references found in within the adventures of the Planet Express crew. 

Season 1, Episode 2 – ‘The Series Has Landed’

virtual-virtual-skeeball-futuramaThe first occurrence with Virtual Reality comes in the form of a game that Amy plays while the Planet Express crew visit the moon. The experience is called ‘Virtual Virtual Skeeball’ and utilizes a standalone unit that fits on top of the gamer’s head. Two antennas stick out of the side of the headset most likely acting as a wireless communication interface that probably connects to a server somewhere else. Wires extend from the top, attaching to the device itself.

There is no mention of how this VR set is powered, but it looks like it is energized on its own. Perhaps the user must plug the goggles into the wall, or maybe it is wirelessly charged through the antennas. Regardless of how it is powered, this device is a nice allusion to the future of VR being integrated in to carnival-like environments. Arcades of the future will surely be filled with virtual reality sets giving the attendees an immersive experience that stands out from the other types of games. Not sure how people will pay for the game though. It could be coin operated, or just included in the ticket price of the attraction, but more likely credit card activated. No matter what, this reference showed that Futurama knew that virtual reality would be big in the future. 

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